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A Prayer for Those with Church Hurt This Easter

God, there are so many people hurting and heart broken over what people in the church have done. We pray these people can find healing this Easter. That they don’t let another resurrection Sunday pass without celebrating what that means for them personally.

We pray the Holy Spirit meets these people with his comfort. That they are reminded although the church may have hurt them-you love them. They are not unloveable, they are not too much, they are not fake, they are your child. You sent your son to die for them, despite all the distractions; we pray they would remember this. We pray their relationship with you grows stronger every day.

We pray you give them the strength needed to step foot in a church again. And we pray that church welcomes them with open arms. That they find others to come along side them. We pray they know that God is pursing them everyday. We pray they find the right community to help them grow into the bold, hopeful, leaders they were meant to be as Christ followers.

We thank you for forgiving us and being a loving Father who just wants us to come home. We thank you for your uncontainable, your unconditional, your indescribable love for us. Amen.


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